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The Marvelous Act of Purpose

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

"A person that has no passion for living, is a person that does not have a purpose for living."

Have you seen stand-up comedy live or what is also known as a comedian act? I am pretty sure you have seen the talented Steve Harvey, or Kevin Hart, or any of the many others gifted comedian do their act. I saw a live comedian for the very first time, not too long ago, and it was actually on a cruise ship as we were on the open sea sailing to the Bahamas. I was laughing so hard that I was in pain! I enjoyed every second of it. Hahaha! But this blog is not about any comedian in particular or me promoting stand-up comedy, oh no no no, is actually about the act of purpose that I learned from watching this fictional comedy show–which I am rewatching by the way–lol. If you don't know much about me, let me tell you that everything I watch, everything I do, everything I listen to–and I really mean everything–I am always in the look out to extract any valuable lesson that can help me better understand the principles of fulfillment and how they are applied in everyday life that has helped people achieve a life of meaning and purpose. Everything for me revolves around living life for the completion of your life's purpose in order to truly live a life of meaning and fulfillment.

As I think in retrospect about the extraordinary show of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," aside from the great laughs, the 1950s setting, and Abe Weissman–lol–, what I like the most about the show is the pursue of purpose of Mrs. Maisel. Miriam Midge Maisel, a young lady who is living the perfect life, stumbles–by accident–into her God-given gift and immediately pursues a career in stand-up comedy. This discovery changes her life forever as she begins the journey to fulfilling her life's purpose. Metaphorically, Mrs. Maisel represents both, the life of purpose that God wants us to live and how He works everything in our favor to help us get it.

Firstly, Maisel had a date of destiny that literally revolutionized her whole life. A moment that was orchestrated strategically by God to bring her closer to him and to her purpose. Just like to Maisel, God will create these "accidents" which positions us in situations and circumstances to help us discover our hidden talent. The key to taking advantage of these moments of destiny, is to understand that they are always disguised in misfortune and adversity. And that is the sole reason why so many people fail to recognize its opportunity. This "accident" that made Maisel discover her hidden gift of comedy was that her husband left her. Now, keeping things in perspective, this was during the late 1950s, where women were trained to only be housewives. On the show, she is now a single mother, with two kids and no job to support herself, her lavish lifestyle and her children. Even when she got her first job ever, she was looked at with disgraced because in that era it was still the costume for women to be completely dependent of their parents or husband. In the midst of it all, and in her pain and affliction, she walked into a club, grabbed the mic and begins very openly to talk about everything that was going wrong in her life, and turned it into something funny that made others laugh and enjoy the moment. That is talent and can only be God-giving. To make someone else laugh through something that is causing you pain? When I saw that live comedian, he said something that I will never forget, he said, "Comedy is not something that [comedians] do, it is who we are. We always use our life and make something funny of it." Had Maisel never went through that difficult moment, she would of never discovered her talent and ultimately her purpose. God works the same way for us. He always hides an opportunity in every adversity. God will strategically use a moment of adversity in your life to expose you to your true purpose. Every man and woman whose name are recorded in the Bible and those like Nelson Mandela, who made history in our generation, always saw an opportunity in the adversity and that's what made them great.

Secondly, what made Maisel fulfill her purpose–and this happens automatically to every person who discovered their purpose–was that she became immediately passionate and obsessed by it. You will always live a casual and a very loose life until you are introduced to your true purpose. Once your purpose is revealed to you, it will automatically consume you until you live the rest of your life for its fulfillment. You truly became like a slave and a servant to this purpose. You no longer live your life for you, you now live your life for it. Jesus's life was consumed and driven by his purpose. His last words on the cross, right before dying were, "It is finished"(1). He did not say "I am finished," he said, "it is finished." What was finished? The assignment that consumed his earthly life. I, too, am living my life for it. For my assignment. That's why I am obsessed with introducing people to this concept about life. I am obsessed with the idea of educating others on the principles of fulfillment because it is the very thing I was created for. It is the reason of my existence! It's the only thing I think about, talk about, and now, writing about. You can always tell if someone is living their life true purpose based on the level of obsession that possess them. A person that has no passion for living, is a person that does not have a purpose for living. Purpose will automatically fill your life with passion. This principle of passion and purpose, can be seen in the very first episode, the "Pilot" of the show, but I only noticed it after watching the entire show and rewatching the first episode again. I spotted it in the very last two minutes of the episode ending. The episode finishes by Maisel paying the bail money for a successful comedian that she met in prison the night prior. She paid the bail, to ask this comedian one simple question, "Do you love it? Comedy. Standup. Do you love it?" Maisel understood from the very first moment, that the key to being a successful standup comedian as a woman in the 1950s and reach her potential was to passionately and obsessively love it. And just like her, we will never complete our purpose until we absolutely love it!



(1) John 19:30 (NKJV)

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Paola Paulino
Paola Paulino
21 de jun. de 2023
Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas.

I loved it!!!

This is a topic that many of us take for granted and don't do anything with our God given talent. I mean, some don't even know what their God given gift is. Believe me, my intentions isn't to pint finger or make anyone feel bad but, we become so blinded by the worlds 9-5 routine and materialistic "values" that we allow time to consume our precious years here on earth and we give in to never discovering what that hidden gem inside us is.

We need to understand that we only get to live each day one time. We don't get to repeat it or rewind it. Therefore, with this said I do not mean, go and…


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