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The 3 Reasons of a Promise

"Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful." - Hebrews 10:23 (NKJV)

I am pretty sure that you have heard countless times, the now-cliché phrase, "don't make a promise you can't keep." And rightly so. In our own lives, not only have we made promises that we did not keep, but we have also heard or received promises from others that were never fulfilled. On either scenario, failing to keep a promise or not receiving something that was promised to you, always leads to feelings of disappointment, discouragement and mistrust. The Bible encourages us that "it is better not to promise anything than to promise something and not do it"(1). If this is true—which it really is—then that means that God Himself would be looked at as a fool if He were to make a promise and not keep it. I mean, why would He suggest to you and me not to make a promise if we can't keep it, and not apply the same standard to Himself? Therefore, rest assured that God will never make you a promise that He could not fulfill in your life. With that being said, in this blog I would like to share the three reasons that I believe why God makes us promises.

Reason #1: To reveal Himself to us

The number one and most important reason why God makes and gives us promises, is to manifest and reveal Himself to us. If you were to truly think about the things that God promises in His word, you will discover that every promise reveals the heart, the motive and the intention of the Father. What are some of the universal promises that God has made upon all flesh? God promises protection, everlasting love, endless mercy and forgiveness, prosperity and blessing, health and care. Now, think about these things. What does it tells you? Every promise points to the true love and care of the Father. A real father protects, defends, loves, forgives, takes care and provides for all your needs. The heart and purpose of the promise is a reflection of the heart of the Father.

Reason #2: To prove He is Trustworthy

Second reason why God will give you a promise is to persuade you to trust in him. All relationships are built on trust, and your relationship with God is no different. God knows and understands that the key to you having a healthy and meaningful relationship with Him is through trust. Now, how does God helps us to develop our trust in him? By giving us promises and then fulfilling them.

Let's imagine that Jesus was on earth, and He told you that starting tomorrow He would stop by your place to have dinner with you and your family for the next 30 days. He comes in the first night and through the dinner you overheard when He said to a family member that He has a long day tomorrow where He needs to travel to several cities to share the gospel. As you heard the cities, you realized that they're miles away from you, and immediately you begin to doubt He will be back tomorrow for dinner. The next day comes and is dinner time, and you hear Jesus knocking at your door. To your surprise you open, He comes in, and dines with you and your family. As the night comes to an end, and Jesus is heading out, He shares with you His busy agenda, yet again. As He leaves, you are mesmerized how He had the time to make it to dinner with such a busy schedule, but you still seem unsure if He would really make it the next couple of days. As the days passes and every night He is very present for dinner, the doubt and the worry that you had in the beginning faded away into nothingness, and an assurance and a confidence was born in you because He has proven to you that He always comes to dinner. What started as doubt, has now turned into trust because He promised you something and He kept it. Will you doubt or trust when He gives you a new promise? You will trust because He proved that you can always count on His word! God gives us promises to show us that we can trust Him because He always fulfills them.

Reason #3: To give us Faith

The third and final reason why I believe God makes us a promise is to give us a hope for the future and to give us something to believe and have faith for. Throughout my reading of the Bible, I noticed that God always promised that which was difficult for man to believe. If you read closely the definition of the word promise, which is, a pledge of assurance that God will do something. The question then is, why does God needs to assured you that He will do it? Because you will be tempted not to believe it and to doubt it! Hahaha. If you were to believe it, then God has no need in promising it. For instance, God promises to always be with you because at some point in your life, you will feel that He has abandoned you. That's why He has to make it a promise. To give you the absolute assurance that He will do it no matter what. You ever wonder why God gave Abraham the promise to bless him with a son? Well, now you know! Because God knew that it was going to be difficult to Abraham to have a son, therefore, God made it a promise to give Abraham the reassurance that it was going to happen. God never really promises the obvious, He always promises that which you will find difficult to have, do or believe, and by making it a promise He actives your faith to believe against your senses, feelings and circumstances.



(1) Ecclesiastes 5:5 (NCV)

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