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about fulfilled

Elias Paulino

For more than a decade, I have been passionate about understanding the

principles that governs fulfillment and how to live a life of meaning and purpose.

This divine obsession began when I discovered my relationship with God and I

started seeking the answers to my most hunting questions about life; especially

my life. This desire for understanding led me to read, study and followed many

successful leaders to learn the principles, skills, behavior, and the mindset of

success. In my journey to find purpose and meaning, a cry in my heart was

growing to share and teach what I was learning. This page is part of

answering that cry.

I describe success as fulfillment and not just the accomplishment of goals or dreams. It's possible to achieve your dreams and your goals and yet, still be unfulfilled. Perhaps, you already know this, and maybe you were like me, chasing after success because that's what we are here to do, right? Regardless of what your story is, I am super glad God brought you here because together we can help you live a more meaningful life. The concept and idea of Fulfilled came to me as the solution to solving my own unfulfilled life. I was so sick and tired of living my life on pursuit; pursuing goals and dreams that promised success and happiness. I couldn't understand why I was aiming so high and going in the right direction but feeling so empty, hopeless and without meaning. In my pursuit to success I felt like I always needed to chase something new, to have more goals, to accomplish more dreams, to aim higher, to do more. It never stopped. It felt like if success was a person, it was never satisfied or pleased because I always had to achieve something. So it became like training on a treadmill; no matter how fast and for how long I was running, I never really went anywhere. That's when I realized that "success"–for me–wasn’t the answer to the void in my heart. I was so unhappy, frustrated and miserable. I learned that what I was really yearning for was spiritual satisfaction rather than physical or momentarily pleasures. I wanted to live my life for a cause, for a reason of being, for a mission in life, for a true driving-purpose… and that is what Fulfilled is.


Fulfilled is an educational platform that focus on teaching the principles of fulfillment. My purpose in life is to teach and train you how to have a meaningful relationship with God and how to live your life for the fulfillment of your purpose. Do you know what your life's purpose is? Are you clear on God's goal and plan for your life? Are you living your life to complete your vision? If you are interested in learning how to live a Fulfilled life, then welcome… and let's learn together!

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